Let’s talk plopping! There are three different ways to plop: wet plop, dry plop, and micro plop. Each has its benefits and disadvantages.

Wet Plop

Wet plopping is done with soaking wet hair in a shower cap, post product application. Wet plopping helps your curls clump together and helps frizz find its way home. It also helps your hair absorb moisture and product better. The downside to wet plopping is product can settle on your scalp, so use caution if you have a sensitive scalp.

Dry Plop

Dry plopping is done either post or pre-product application. Whichever you choose is up to personal preference. You can use a cotton t-shirt, cotton wrap/blanket, microfiber towel, or a cotton or microfiber turban. The cotton or microfiber absorbs moisture and excess product, this also helps cut down on dry time. Terry cloth should be avoided as it absorbs too much moisture and can cause damage and frizz. Like wet plopping, dry plopping can cause hair products to settle on your scalp, it also can disturb your wave pattern and many wavies find it isn’t ideal for them.

Leaving your hair in a plop, wet or dry, for extended periods of time is not recommended. If left for too long it can encourage fungal and bacterial growth, so use caution if plopping for extended time periods.

Micro Plop

Micro plopping can be done after plopping, wet or dry, or immediately after washing, pre or post product application. Once again, whichever you choose is up to personal preference. Micro plopping helps cut down dry on dry time and encourages curl pattern and shrinkage. Micro plopping does not cause hair products to settle on your scalp which is beneficial to those with sensitive scalps. The use of cotton or microfiber is recommended as terry cloth is damaging to your hair.

My Preference

I personally use wet and micro plopping as I found dry plopping disturbs my wave pattern and caused a little frizz. I did dry plop for a few years but discovering wet plopping was a game-changer for me. I haven’t dry plopped since. I hope this graphic is beneficial to you and helps with your journey as you embrace and enhance your natural waves!